Starlite Festival

Starlite Festival

Since 2012 and now established as the greatest boutique festival in Europe, Starlite Festival is back with a bang this July and August, showcasing some of the most renowned international artists such as Maluma, Sting, Jason Derulo, Davis Bisbal and many more. With a reduced capacity of 3000 seats and situated in a unique and natural back drop of Nagueles quarry in Marbella, Starlite Festival truly provides the spectator with a unique and intimate experience unlike any other.

Aside from the performances, one fantastic feature of this festival is the gastronomical selection on offer. Live food is cooked from a selection of purposefully built stations to provide guests with an interactive experience. This ´journey of senses´ is available to customers before the concert commences from 8pm to 10pm and after the show finishes from 11pm until 01.30am. Have your taste buds tantalised by the finest selection of meat and fish, Tuscan rice and pasta or specially made Sushi, where ´Almadraba´ tuna is the stand out delicacy.

It doesn´t end there, you also have the opportunity to explore the selection of twenty-one fashion stands selling a fabulous range of accessories, technology, art and individual branded pieces.

In addition to all of this, Starlite festival sponsors the biggest charity event in Spain, The Starlite Gala. Inaugurated in 2010, and hosted by Antonio Banderas and Sandra García-Sanjuán, The Starlite Gala is a special night dedicated to philanthropy whereby the entirety of the funds raised are dedicated to two foundations ´Niños en Alegría´ and ´ Lágrimas y Favores´.

Lágrimas y Favores, founded and chaired by Antonio Banderas pledges to provide economic resources and university grants to those in need and at the University of Malaga, and also to provide funds for the Cudeca Foundation in its task of offering palliative care for cancer patients and their families.

Founded by Alejandra Alemán and Sandra García -Sanjuán,  Niños en Alegría is devoted to schooling children, training teachers and developing schools in Guerrero, Mexico. The charity has been so successful, it has already built nineteen schools and enrolled more than 22,000 children.

Ending on August 24th, there´s still a chance to be part of this spectacular event.

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